College Sex Games at CLR18

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These hot girls know they have to pay their friends back for the nasty little prank they played earlier in the day. They break into the guys’ dorm room and cover it in plastic wrap. When the guys come in, they know they are caught and have to pay the consequences. The guys know what they want. They have the girls strip as they start to get out of their clothes. Some of the girls have to suck their monster dicks. The other girls have their bare pussies pounded until they cry uncle. College games are the best to play.

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College Rules 18 Frat Fuck Fest

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The CLR18 fraternity has the hottest girls on campus so it’s big news for all the horny college guys when they hear that they are having a wet t-shirt contest. The girls get so horny from the guys looking at their soft, supple bodies and ogling at their soaked and wet tits that the contests usually end in a big sex party. These real videos shot on real college campuses show just how much college girls love to have sex. It is something out of a dream to see these nubile young ladies get fucked in every hole and drenched in cum.

CLR18 Porn

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Horny College Girls Dildo Drilling

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When your average college party starts to get interesting CollegeRules is there to capture it all on video. A hot brunette gets down on all fours, her classmates sit around and watch the entertainment commence. She has to make sure that her glasses don’t fall off as her friend fucks her with a thick dildo from behind. With every thrust of the dildo, every slap of her ass, and every finger rubbing her clit, she gets closer and closer to climaxing. This scene is one of the hottest things you’ll see and only CollegeRules has it.

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College Sluts Collecting Cum

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college dorm orgy

Three hot chicks sit in the center of a room taking each other’s clothes off and nibbling on each other’s bare breasts as a bunch of guys sit around watching, waiting for their chance to enter at least one of these sexy coeds; just an everyday occurrence on the CollegeRules campus. Finally the girls command the guys to stop staring and start fucking. The lucky fellows rush to get hard as they put their cocks in the girls’ mouths and tight pussies. CollegeRules captures it skillfully, never letting any of these sexcapades go unfilmed.

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Lesbian College Girls Get Naughty

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lesbian college sex

Somewhere in a college dorm, a sexy coed lies on a futon; two blonde classmates suck on her perky tits and CollegeRules has it all caught on camera! While these girls lez out their fourth friend, tight bodied brunette Natalie, already starts sucking some cock. The rest of the girls take notice and join in on the fun. But there is not enough cock for all of the girls so they start sucking on whatever they can including Natalie’s bouncing breasts as she gets fucked. CollegeRules presents another standout scene with the hottest college action caught on tape.

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Latina College Girl Licking Cock

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Don’t let the tiny body of Latina hottie Veronica Rodriguez fool you, she can take a cock. And CollegeRules gives her the opportunity to prove just that. Her friends egg her on while she deep throats some dude’s cock, it’s like witnessing a magic trick how she manages to fit that whole thing down her throat. Once she gets on it she rides him reverse cowgirl, slapping her ass on him with every bounce. Her friends don’t let her dare take a break from fucking him, this little nympho is so cute and horny, that she smiles at the camera while fucking!

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Nasty College Fuck Fest

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college orgy

CollegeRules delivers yet another exclusive sex party except this time the numbers don’t match: 3 girls and 4 dudes. The star of this scene is the young thing that takes on two cocks at once. While her friends fuck across the room she skillfully sucks one guy off while stroking the other, alternating between the two. Then finally she gets down on all fours and gets filled in both ends: a cock in her mouth and one in her tight pussy. The guys get to switch which hole they fuck, but to her it makes no difference, just as long as there’s a cock in there.

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Welcome to CLR 18!

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Welcome to the hottest college sex site on the internet. What we do is have sex with girls at CLR18! We through insane college parties and fuck girls all day long in dorm rooms.
You are going to love this crazy college porn madness for sure!

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