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Horny College Girls Dildo Drilling

May 4th, 2013 by Shayne | No Comments | Filed in College Sex

college girls dildo

When your average college party starts to get interesting CollegeRules is there to capture it all on video. A hot brunette gets down on all fours, her classmates sit around and watch the entertainment commence. She has to make sure that her glasses don’t fall off as her friend fucks her with a thick dildo from behind. With every thrust of the dildo, every slap of her ass, and every finger rubbing her clit, she gets closer and closer to climaxing. This scene is one of the hottest things you’ll see and only CollegeRules has it.

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Latina College Girl Licking Cock

April 25th, 2013 by Shayne | No Comments | Filed in College Sex

latina coed blowjob

Don’t let the tiny body of Latina hottie Veronica Rodriguez fool you, she can take a cock. And CollegeRules gives her the opportunity to prove just that. Her friends egg her on while she deep throats some dude’s cock, it’s like witnessing a magic trick how she manages to fit that whole thing down her throat. Once she gets on it she rides him reverse cowgirl, slapping her ass on him with every bounce. Her friends don’t let her dare take a break from fucking him, this little nympho is so cute and horny, that she smiles at the camera while fucking!

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